Our School Bus Drivers are the Strength of our Company!

Drivers are caring, responsible and reliable. Our bus drivers make every effort to deliver their students safely and on time to their destinations each and every day. Superior School Bus is committed to providing our customers with safe, well-trained school bus drivers. Our support staff is always ready to answer questions or concerns.

At Superior School Bus all prospective and existing drivers must follow article 19a of the transportation safety law:

All Superior School Bus drivers must attend safety meetings which are held frequently. These safety meetings cover such important topics including:

Superior School Bus drivers are much more than just transit professionals. They are guardians, counselors, and mentors to the children they transport to and from school. We hold an annual School Bus Personnel Appreciation Week that culminates in a barbecue where appreciation plaques and safe driver awards are given out.

All Superior School Bus drivers must meet the following criteria:

School Bus Driver Training

Superior School Buses in-house training capabilities are a cornerstone of our school bus program and an essential component of our ability to maintain one of the highest safety records in the region.

Superior School Buses mandatory School Bus Driver Basic Training (20 hours) is designed to prepare the new school bus driver for the challenges of school bus driving. The training program includes:

The School Bus Driver Advanced Training Program (10 hours) is an extensive refresher course designed to hone defensive driving and student discipline techniques, and includes topics such as:

Our Accident Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Training allows drivers to practice and plan for emergencies as they practice defensive driving techniques.

School Bus Attendant Training (20 hours) provides extensive training of student management, attendant responsibilities, and emergency procedures. The course is followed up by an annual refresher course that reviews responsibilities and student behavior monitoring.

Superior School Bus sponsors an all day Safety Conference that reminds drivers of the dangers and hazards associated with transporting students. Drivers have an opportunity to share experiences and review any changes in Federal or State laws governing school bus programs.

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