Superior School Bus Safety

Safety Programs

School buses are about thirty times safer than traveling in a passenger car. The safety of the students we transport in our school buses is of primary importance at Superior School Buses. Our number one customer is the child who rides on our school bus. We work closely with our school districts in designing the safest bus routes, bus stops, student behavior guidelines and driver training. We do everything we can to provide your students with a safe, dependable school bus ride to and from school.

Superior Bus works with all local and state transportation safety regulatory and sanctioning bodies. We have a 92% pass rate with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT). We are ranked in the top 10% of New York City for Bus Safety with the NYS DOT inspections. These are the toughest standards to meet, so if we easily meet the toughest standards in New York City, rest assured we can operate safely in any locality.

We are dedicated to teaching school bus safety to the children who ride our buses. Superior School Bus has implemented many school bus safety programs and activities to help make students aware of their behavior and the importance of bus safety. Some of the topics in these programs include:

Before any Superior School Buses go out each day, Drivers must perform a pre-trip safety inspection to ensure the safety of our student passengers. Any problems are identified and reviewed, and if necessary, corrected by our mechanics prior to the beginning of the route. All repairs and preventive maintenance are provided by our own highly skilled mechanics using first-class equipment and facilities.

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